But you can also create a theme of your own. This article covers various ways to go about this. Options range from making edits to an existing theme, to creating your own WordPress theme completely from scratch. In between these extremes are various other options that include duplicating and modifying themes, and using a range of tools to help you build your own theme.

Modifying an existing theme is perhaps the easiest option. You may just want to make some minor changes, like colors, font sizes, or simple layout changes. In this case your best option is to create a child theme.

A child theme references an existing theme, just modifying the bits you want to change. A handy tip is to use the name of the parent theme with -child appended, as this makes it clear what the child theme is. In this child folder, you need at a minimum a style. In these files you need to add certain code to tell WordPress which is the parent theme, where the stylesheets are, and any other new functionality you want in your child theme.

For a complete guide to this process, visit the WordPress Codex. For help with setting up a child theme, you can also use the WordPress Child Theme Configurator utility.

That might involve things like deleting all of the current styles and creating your own. For example, you might want to alter the HTML structure of the theme. Along the way, you might decide there are lots of features in the copied theme you no longer need, such as post comments and various sidebar elements such as categories and bookmarks.

A more daunting option — but more fun, too! This is actually simpler than it sounds, because at a minimum you only need two files — style.

That, however, would result in a pretty limited theme! The style. In that CSS file, we first need to add some header text. This is a basic example:. For more in-depth guidance of WordPress theme development, check out the WordPress Codex theme development guide. A starter theme is a barebones or blank WordPress theme that includes just the basic minimum of structural code.

There are several choices when it comes to picking a starter theme for development, the most popular of which is Underscores. Bones is another simple and easy-to-comprehend barebones WordPress theme that can function as a very good starting point for theme development.

HTML5 Blank is onother option that provides a reliable and well-documented code base for theme development. You can opt to include WooCommerce boilerplate as well — useful if the target theme is likely to have WooCommerce support, such as custom layouts for Shopping Cart and Checkout pages, etc.

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Our theme will be generated and available for download. In the resulting ZIP file, we can locate our theme directory. The Underscores-generated WordPress theme has quite a lot of templates as well as separate sections for custom layouts and JavaScript elements. This means our theme structure is ready for us, as are the template files, which come with minimal code in the form of PHP tags and comments.

Similar to frameworks for CSS, JavaScript and PHP, a theme framework provides a standardized set of tools that you, as a developer, can use in creating your own themes. Theme frameworks come with predefined conventions that can aid in theme development by saving time and efforts that would otherwise be spent in coding and building those very conventions. These WordPress theme frameworks come with several added advantages of their own as well. They obviously make the task of building a WordPress theme quicker and easier.

Some also offer bespoke features and coding norms that can enable newer developers to code quickly and learn the ropes more efficiently.This super cool dinosaur sensory bottle actually glows in the dark! A must-have DIY sensory bottle for your mini dinosaur hunter. Preschool Dinosaur Theme Books. How do dinosaurs count to ten activity.

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Fun counting activity based on the book How to Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Make fizzy dinosaur eggs with baking soda and vinegar. A simple, fun science experiment your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten kids will love!

Reading Colors Your World!

Dinosaur fossils made with salt dough. Learn how to make dinosaur fossils with this easy DIY recipe that includes pictures and step-by-step directions. Perfect for preschool! Dinosaur Alphabet Matching Activity for Preschoolers. Dinosaur alphabet matching game to help children learn uppercase and lowercase letters.

Fun for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten class. As you plan your May learning experiences for preschoolers, check out this list of ideas to build fun explorations for boys and girls.

May curriculum themes for preschool. Best Dinosaur Songs for Kids. Need some dinosaur songs for your preschool class? Put a little "Roar" into your dino-loving child's day with 35 plus dinosaur activities! Discover fun and easy dinosaur crafts, dino snacks, and dino games, plus a few good dinosaur books. Did you know that you can make your own dinosaur dig excavation activity? All you need is two household ingredients and a few sunny days.

It couldn't be easier! So if you are looking for a simple dinosaur activity to do during a dinosaur theme or just for fun with the kids, this dino dig excavation is perfect for you!

Dino-riffic Dinosaur Slime dinosaurtheme dinosaurparty slime slimerecipe sensoryplay sensoryactivities kidsactivities.

Dinosaur gross motor movement game based on the book, Dinosaurumpus! Fun paper plate dinosaur craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Free and easy templates for simple dinosaur crafts for kids. Simple dinosaurs kids will love! Make a Dinosaur Garden - Picklebums. Dinosaur sensory bin and small world. Also includes dinosaur book ideas for kids.Look Closer. A wide variety of objects and fragments were uncovered, ranging from clay pipes, oyster shells and cattle teeth to plastic toys and shoes.

The more unusual finds included a bottle containing a letter in Arabic script, pieces of Ballarmine pottery and a fragment of human shinbone. Tents were set up on the lawn outside Tate Britain, where each item was cleaned.

A number of professionals including Museum of London staff, Thames River Police and ecologists, helped to identify them. Once collected and processed Mark Dion created an artwork from the objects and artefacts. The finds are presented as an installation, arranged in a mahogany cabinet alongside photographs of the beachcombers and tidal flow charts.

In this audio excerpt the artist reveals why the prospect of rooting around on the beaches of the Thames was so appealing to him.

Before the collecting process began advice was sought from specialists in a wide variety of different disciplines from the Thames River Police; to ecologists monitoring the health of the river; to historians and archaeologists who could offer insights into past uses of the sites. Objects found during the collection on the banks of the Thames were cleaned and analysed by volunteer field workers.

Working in shifts, the field workers worked through one box at a time of unsorted finds.

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These were cleaned and then organised into broad categories — ceramic, glass, bone, leather, shells, organic, plastic and metal. One side is devoted to the finds from Millbank, the other to those from Bankside. Items are organised loosely according to type, allowing antiques to sit alonsgide contemporary objects, lost treasures next to ephemera or junk. In this audio excerpt, Mark Dion discusses some of the themes and ideas explored in the Tate Thames Dig and provides some insights into how he sees the work and how we might approach its intepretation.

Dig In to the Bible Stories for VBS 2021

Mark Dion chose to use cabinets to present his finds from the Tate Thames Dig. Cabinets are often used by artists to present found or made objects and become integral to how the work is seen and its meaning the cabinets are sometimes referred to as vitrines when used in this way.

This section looks at the history of curiosity cabinets — or wunderkammer as they were originally called. The museums of today have evolved out of two apparently basic aspects of human nature — our curiosity and our desire to collect.

A building housing a collection of artefacts does not make a museum. These collections were created as a result of a growing desire among the peoples of Europe to place mankind accurately within the grand scheme of nature and the divine. This need developed during the fourteenth century and continued into the seventeenth century the period of the Renaissance.

These collections were generally known as cabinets, or curiosity cabinets, in England and France, and in the German speaking countries they were called kammer or kabinette.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions.

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Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dig. King Goodreads Author. These are the five teenagers lost in the Hemmings family's maze of tangled secrets.

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Only a generation removed from being simple Pennsylvania potato farmers, Gottfried and Marla Hemmings managed to trade digging spuds for developing subdivisions and now sit atop a seven-fi The Shoveler, the Freak, CanIHelpYou? Only a generation removed from being simple Pennsylvania potato farmers, Gottfried and Marla Hemmings managed to trade digging spuds for developing subdivisions and now sit atop a seven-figure bank account, wealth they've declined to pass on to their adult children or their teenage grand children.

What does thriving look like? Like carrying a snow shovel everywhere. Like selling pot at the Arby's drive-thru window. Like a first class ticket to Jamaica between cancer treatments. Like a flea-circus in a doublewide. As the rot just beneath the surface of the Hemmings precious white suburban respectability begins to spread, the far flung grand children gradually find their ways back to each other, just in time to uncover the terrible cost of maintaining the family name.

Get A Copy. Hardcoverpages. More Details Michael L. Printz Award Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dig. Is this a book adults should read too? Will it appeal to adults or is it strickly YA? Nathan Byrnes Absolutely! Many of the characters are teens, but many are also adults. It's a difficult read, but is well worth the lifting or, digging. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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Showing Each day during Destination Dig, junior archaeologists will use a real-life artifact from Bible times to help them discover more about who Jesus is and why He came. Many years later an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph. Just as God promised, Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

God promised He would send His Son, and He did. They wrote about miracles He would perform such as healing people. One day while in Jerusalem, Jesus passed a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus spat on the ground and made some mud. The man did as he was told, and he could see! The man told people what Jesus had done.

Later, when the man saw Jesus, he worshiped Him. Jesus shared one last special supper with His disciples. During the meal Jesus explained that one of the disciples would betray Him. After the meal, Jesus and all the disciples except for Judas went to the garden in Gethsemane. While they were there, Judas brought the soldiers to arrest Jesus and take Him to the high priest to begin the trials the prophets had written about many years before.

God told prophets that Jesus would be born and that He would die for our sins. God also said that Jesus would die with the wicked, be buried with the rich, and be raised from the dead.

A stone was rolled in front of the tomb. On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb. The stone had been rolled away, and Jesus was gone. Peter and John came to the tomb and saw the burial clothes, but Jesus was not there.

While Mary stood outside the tomb crying, a man she thought was a gardener appeared. The Man called her name and immediately Mary knew He was Jesus. While Philip was preaching in Samaria, an angel of the Lord told him to go south to the road that goes to Gaza.

Philip obeyed the angel. Philip saw a man traveling in a chariot. The man was reading a copy of the Isaiah scroll. Philip asked the man if he understood what he was reading.

The man said he did not and that he needed someone to explain it to him. Philip explained the good news about Jesus to the man. The man believed what Philip told him and believed in Jesus. Philip baptized the man, and the man went on his way rejoicing. For more information about Destination Dig, visit lifeway.This easy paper jellyfish craft for kids makes a great project idea for summer or for ocean animal units!

Three Ways to Create Your Own WordPress Theme

Download the free printable template and make today! Wow kids of all ages and make magic treasure rocks! Rosie was seriously in aw…. This Homemade Rock Candy recipe is easy to make and really fun! It is a great activity to do with the kids. Making Rock Candy is food science at its finest. All you need is a few simple in…. Includes literacy, oral language, and writing opportunities that align with current learning…. Hatching Dinosaur Egg Sensory Bin Kids of all ages from toddlers, to preschool, kindergarten and beyond will love hatching these baking soda and vinegar dino eggs.

It's a fun activity for kids! Using realistic dinosaur models for hands-on activities is a perfect introduction to paleontology.

I've been having lots of fun putting together Montessori-inspired dinosaur activities using replicas from Safari Ltd. The activities here are designed for preschool through early elementary. For these activities, I used 5 Safari Ltd. Disclosure: I received free copies…. My kind of bug. Come check out our awesome play space, toy library, and birthday party venue at www.

Easy sparkly paper plate dinosaur craft for kids.

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Fun Shark Kid Crafts for ocean theme week. Create lots of fun shark crafts for shark themed fun. There are several puppets and other shark ideas. Make your own rock candy! Fun geology for kids.

Big Fish Bay VBS 2020 by RBP

Start your homeschool year with this tasty rock candy treat. Vintage polaroid frames get 'upcycled' into shabby chic photo frames in these two pretty sets!

There are 6 frames included in each set, crea Indiana Jones Poster.Ancestry is a heavily emphasized theme in Holesand it goes hand in hand with the themes of fate and destiny. For each of the major characters, ancestry affects their surroundings, decisions, and even day-to-day life.

Stanley ends up at Camp Green Lake, supposedly because of the misdeeds of his great-great-grandfather. The conflicts of the past are of such consequence that they have the ability to seemingly transcend time itself by continuing through the generations and steering the destiny of the characters in the present-day narrative.

When Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake, he is a mostly passive character who does what is asked of him and doesn't disrupt the status quo: for most of Part One, he doesn't stand up to Mr.

Sir or to X-Ray 's manipulation. Stanley's initial reluctance to interfere with external events may be traced back to the family curse to which he and the other members of the Yelnats family attribute all their misfortunes. Stanley has developed a worldview in which he cannot really change his circumstances, since they are predetermined by the actions of his ancestors. On the bus to Camp Green Lake, he thinks to himself, "It was all because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather!

This phrase becomes a motto of his, by which he abdicates responsibility for his actions and tries to maintain a worldview that is dictated by justice rather than randomness.

At the beginning of the novel, Stanley believes in his family's curse, and he also believes in destiny. In Chapter 6 we hear how he felt like he "was holding destiny shoes" when Clyde Livingston's sneakers fell on him because he believes they "would somehow provide the key to his father's invention" These shoes eventually lead to his arrest and wrongful conviction, but beyond that, they join him to Zero whom, we learn later, threw the shoes and allow him to recreate the scene of carrying a Zeroni up a mountain while singing a lullaby, thereby breaking the family curse.

The shoes also prove useful to Stanley's father later in the novel because when Stanley's name is clear and his father invents a product for foot odor, Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston stars in one of the ads, helping the product to become successful.

Toward the end of the novel, Stanley remembers feeling that the shoes falling from the sky was destiny, and he believes so again: "It had to be destiny" In this way, Sachar shows us that Stanley is right when he thinks the shoes represent his destiny: although destiny can take a more twisted path than the characters expect.

There is a link drawn in Chapter 8 between the yellow-spotted lizard and a curse which we can see as a bad destiny, or destiny gone wrong. Sachar writes, "A lot of people don't believe in curses. A lot of people don't believe in yellow-spotted lizards either, but if one bites you, it doesn't make a difference whether you believe in it or not" The question of whether the curse on the Yelnats family is real or not is one that plagues the reader throughout the whole novel, and Sachar seems to take pleasure in keeping us uncertain.

Even after the climax at the end of Part Two, in which several strands of the story are resolved - a drop of rain falls on Green Lake, Stanley's father invents a successful foot odor elimination product, and Zero and Stanley claim the treasure and are released - there is still some uncertainty about the curse.

Stanley's mother, a sensible American woman who isn't directly a descendant of Elya Yelnatsrepresents this doubt because she "insists that there never was a curse" The narrator, however, isn't content to let this point of view conclude the novel, and he continues, disingenuously, that "[t]he reader might find it interesting" that the cure for foot odor was invented the day after Stanley carried Zero up the mountain and sang to him Therefore destiny is a powerful operator in this novel, whether the characters are aware of it or not.

Although there is an element of uncertainty regarding whether the curse - and thus the characters' destinies - are real, the narrator clearly suggests that they are real and explain some of the fantastic coincidences in the novel.

Some of the series of events in the novel are highly improbable, and Stanley is right when he recognizes that they are "more than a coincidence" Destiny interlinks the fates of the characters in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and it allows for a satisfying conclusion in which all threads of different conflicts are tied up neatly and happily.

Holes contains a strong and interesting theme that can be thought of as "timeless justice. Much of the justice in this novel is not dispensed through the usual channels courts, lawyers, judges, etcbut rather either operates on a mystical level, like the Yelnats family curse, or through characters.

In fact, the justice system is not depicted as a valid dispenser of justice in Holes. Though not a legally binding promise, the promise between Elya Yelnats and Madame Zeroni is an important one, and Elya's breaking of the promise has huge effects on future generations of the Yelnats family.

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By placing a curse on Elya and his descendants, Madame Zeroni ensures that justice is served - a timeless brand of justice that will keep punishing the promise-breaker and his family until somehow the promise is fulfilled though in her initial curse she actually says "for all eternity" 31making the possibility for redemption less clear. It is interesting to note that even though Elya Yelnats does not break the promise out of malice - in his disappointment and anger, he simply forgets to carry Madame Zeroni up the hill - he and his descendants must still be punished for this thoughtlessness.

In the end, of course, the curse is broken by Stanley and Zero, who unwittingly and somewhat improbably reenact the scene that never took place between Madame Zeroni and Elya Yelnats. At the end of the novel, the Yelnats family fortune is on the up-and-up, and it seems clear that we as readers are supposed to believe that this is due to the breaking of the curse, even though some family members, like Stanley's mother, are skeptical.

Another injustice which is punished in the novel is the murder of Samthe onion man of Green Lake. Katherine Barlow's black lover is killed because he isn't allowed to kiss a white woman, and also because Trout Walker is jealous he wanted Kate Barlow as his own wife.

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